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Coca-Cola Curtainsider Wrap

Coca-Cola brief

We were asked to create an image of a bottle on the side of Coca-Cola’s curtainsider. Using paint and stencils, we first marked the bottle’s outline on the curtain using chalk and began putting stencils on the curtain. This allowed us to paint the black on the bottle.

After the paint dried, we stencilled the curtain up again so that we could paint the white on the bottle, giving us the image in the photos.



Coca-Cola solution

The job was made easier as our in house designers were able to produce the drawings. They were then sent directly to the client so that they would see exactly what the vehicle would look like before the graphics were applied.

Coca-Cola wanted to do a refurbishment program on some of their older vehicles and if the curtains were digitally printed, we wouldn’t have been able to update the graphics without purchasing new curtains.

By using paint, we were able to re stencil the curtain and freshen up the previous paintwork.

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