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Legal Stickers

Legal stickers no smoking
Legal Stickers course of action sign
Legal Stickers walk warning
Legal stickers cyclists don't overtake
Legal Stickers FORS

We provide vehicle stickers that are suitable for cars, vans, HGV’s, trucks, lorries, coaches and buses.


From ‘beware of the cyclist’ through to displaying a maximum height restriction, all of our vehicle stickers are perfectly suitable for external use, with waterproofing, UV protection and scratch resistance. As with our accident livery repair, we can fit the stickers on your site, or we’ll send them in the post and you can apply them yourself.


We also offer signs compliant with the Crossrail specification, which was introduced to improve safety standards across London. It states the safety equipment and signs that need to be fitted to a vehicle before it is delivered to a London-based Crossrail site.


Examples of our legal stickers:

• Cyclist warning sign

• Pedestrian warning sign

• Drugs and alcohol warning

• Seat belt reminder

• Daily inspection reminder

• Maximum passengers

• Side camera system


Every vehicle and it’s livery requirements are different – we therefore offer you pricing tailored

to the size and specification of the vehicle, its surrounding location, how many vehicles we will

be working on and the specific service offered

(e.g. graphic design/repair).

View some of our legal stickers

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